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Sepúlveda Salas, Paulina

Sepúlveda Salas, Paulina

Doctora en Ciencias Matemáticas, Portland State University, Estados Unidos.


(+56) 32 227 4024

Pagina del academico

Research Interests

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations
  • Scientific Computing


Línea de investigación

Numerical Analysis / Análisis Numérico


  • J. Gopalakrishnan and P. Sepúlveda.  “A space-time DPG method for the wave equation in multiple dimensions”.  To appear in collection “Space-Time Methods: Applications to Partial Differential Equations” . pp. 129-154, 2019.


  • K. Voronin, C. S. Lee, M. Neumüller, P. Sepulveda, and P. Vassilevski.”Space-time discretizations using constrained first-order system least-squares (CFOSLS)”,Volume 373, Pages 863-876, 2018. doi.org/10.1016/j.jcp.2018.07.024


  • P. Sepúlveda. “Spacetime Numerical Techniques for the Wave and Schrödinger equations”. Dissertations and Theses. Paper 4206, 2018.


  • L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan, S. Nagaraj, and P. Sepúlveda. “A Spacetime DPG Method for the Schrödinger Equation”. SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 55(4), 1740–1759, 2017. doi/10.1137/16M1099765


  • J. Gopalakrishnan, P. Monk and P. Sepúlveda. “A tent pitching scheme motivated by Friedrichs theory”. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, Volume 70, Issue 5, pp. 1114-1135, 2015. doi.org/10.1016/j.camwa.2015.07.001


Undergraduate courses

  • IMA 1203-01. Programación. Segundo Semestre 2019.

International Conferences