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Instituto de Matemáticas Aplicadas UCV

How to reach IMA from Santiago airport

From Santiago airport to Valparaíso bus terminal


Once in the Arturo Merino Benitez airport (SCL), there are two steps.


From the airport to “Pajaritos” bus terminal (which is also a subway station): take a bus ride, either with the “Centropuerto” or “Turbus” company. There is such a bus every 10 minutes. The ride to Pajaritos should take around 15 minutes and the price should be about 1500 CLP


From “Pajaritos” bus terminal to Valparaíso bus terminal: there are several bus companies offering the trip “Santiago-Valparaíso” (e.g. pullman, condor, turbus, linea azul). There is a screen showing the departures. Once you choose a company, you need to buy your ticket at the corresponding desk, before going into the bus. It should cost around 5000 CLP (sometimes it can be half of this if it happens to be a non-rush hour). There is a bus available roughly every 15 minutes. The trip takes one hour and a half. Usually you will have to show your ticket twice: once at the bus door and once during the trip. Also, you might be asked where you want to take off, to which you can simply reply “terminal”.



From Valparaíso bus terminal to IMA


IMA’s address is:

Blanco Viel 596, Cerro Barón, Valparaíso. See a map here.


There are two possibilities

Walking: If it’s the first time you come to IMA, keep in mind that it is easy to get lost and Barón hill is quite steep. If you are willing to try, check the map and use the access given by Quillota street.

By public transportation: take a “colectivo”. These are black cars that look like taxis but have a fixed itinerary with a fixed price (about 400 CLP). You need the one with “BARON” written on it. You can take it in avenida Pedro Montt, right in front of the bus terminal (on the opposite side of the street). The car will take you hill up. You will have to take off the car at the intersection of the streets “Tocornal” and “Blanco Viel”. Then, walk two blocks on Blanco Viel towards the sea, until you reach number 596.


The institute sits right next to a church, “Iglesia San Franciso”, which is well known and can be used as a guide in case you get lost or the colectivo driver does not understand where you want to stop.



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