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Instituto de Matemáticas Aplicadas UCV

Artifacts and Mathematical Working Space in Multiplication Complex Numbers


The representation of multiplication in the number system of the Complex Numbers is usually presented with a strong emphasis in the algebraic aspect that brings a partial comprehension of this property. On the basis of the foregoing, the current study investigates the learning process of the multiplication of complex numbers in order to teach this content facilitating the graphic register according to the theory of Mathematical Working Space. In this qualitative research, there has been implemented a learning proposal that includes 34 engineering students in the first stage and 4 mathematics students in the second stage; both groups of students are in their first year at university (18-19 years old). Based on the results it is clear that carrying out processes and conversions between the semiotic registers used with a software artefact not only permit the activation of certain genesis of the ETM, but also produce circulations in the personal ETM of a student which leads to a better comprehension of the mathematical object in question.

Autores: Flores, M., Montoya, E.

Journal: Educación matemática

Journal Volume: 28

Journal Issue: 2

Journal Page: 85-117

Tipo de publicación: Scielo

Fecha de publicación: 2016

Topics: Mathematical working space, multiplication of complex numbers, artefact, visualization


URL de la publicación: http://www.scielo.org.mx/pdf/ed/v28n2/1665-5826-ed-28-02-00085.pdf

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