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Instituto de Matemáticas Aplicadas UCV

Proyecto MathAmSud “PHOTOvoltaic solar devices in Multiscale computational simulations”


The work consists of devising, analyzing and implementing new multiscale finite element methods, called Multiscale Hybrid-Mixed (MHM) method, for the Helmholtz and the Maxwell equations in the frequency domain. The physical coefficients involved in the models contain highly heterogeneous and/or high contrast features. The goal is to propose numerical algorithms to simulate wave propagation in complex geometries as found in photovoltaic devices, which are naturally prompt to be used in massively parallel computers. We demonstrate the well-posedness and establish the optimal convergence of the MHM methods. Also, the MHM methods are shown to induce a new face-based a posteriori error estimator to drive space adaptivity. An efficient parallel implementation of the new multiscale algorithm assesses theoretical results and is shown to scale on a petaflop parallel computer through academic and realistic two and three-dimensional solar cells problems.

Nombre del proyecto: PHOTOvoltaic solar devices in Multiscale computational simulations

Código: 18-MATH-06

Fuente de financiamiento: Conicyt

Investigador: Diego Paredes

Rol: Investigador Responsable

País: Chile

Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 01/03/2018

Fecha fin del proyecto: 28/02/2018

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