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Dynamics in Valparaíso

Desde el 10 de Diciembre, 2018 Hasta el 14 de Diciembre, 2018
Dynamics in Valparaíso


The aim of the conference is to bring together around 30 researchers in Dynamical Systems from around the world, with a special interest in the study of geometric and statistical aspects of systems with weak forms of hyperbolicity. We plan to have around 4 talks each day, where the participants can either communicate their latest results, or present a survey with the latest developments on a specific topic. We also plan to give plenty of time and space for discussions among the participants.

We thank  Pierre Berger for provide us this image.


Confirmed Speakers (*)

Pierre Berger (Université Paris 13, France)

Alexander Bufetov (Marseille, France)

Keith Burns (Northwestern University, USA)

Pablo Carrasco (UFMG, Brazil)

Davoud Cheraghi (Imperial College, UK)

Italo Cipriano (PUC Chile)

Todd Fisher (BYU, USA)

Andrey Gogolev  (Ohio State University, USA)

Andy Hammerlindl (Monash University, Australia)

Boris Kalinin (Penn State, USA)

Cristina Lizana (UFBA, Brazil)

Stefano Luzatto (ITCP, Italy)

Karina Marin (UFMG, Brazil)

Kamlesh Parwani (Eastern Illinois University, USA)

Mark Pollicott (University of Warwick, UK)

Martin Sambarino (U. de la República, Uruguay)

Ali Tahzibi (USP, São Carlos, Brazil)

Helder Vilarinho (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal)

Raúl Ures (SUSTech, China)

(*) up to November 15th.





email: jairo.bochi@mat.puc.cl
phone: (+56 02) 2354 1025

email: radu.saghin@pucv.cl
phone: (+56 32) 227 4042

email: carlos.vasquez@pucv.cl
phone: (+56 32) 227 4011


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valpo4The city-port of Valparaíso is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located 111.8 km west of Santiago.  It is part of the Greater Valparaíso urban area (803,683 inhabitants) which also includes the neighbouring towns of Viña del MarConcónQuilpué and Villa Alemana.

The nearest airport is Santiago International Airport (SCL).

Nicknamed “The Jewel of the Pacific”, Valparaíso was declared a world heritage site based upon its improvised urban design and unique architecture in 2003. Built upon dozens of steep hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Valparaíso boasts a labyrinth of streets and cobblestone alleyways, embodying a rich architectural and cultural legacy.

3531198463_68846f1299During Valparaíso’s golden age (1848–1914), the city received large numbers of immigrants, primarily from Europe. The immigrant communities left a unique imprint on the city’s noteworthy architecture. Each community built its own churches and schools, while many also founded other noteworthy cultural and economic institutions. The largest immigrant communities came from Britain, Germany, and Italy, each developing their own hillside neighbourhood, preserved today as National Historic Districts or “Zonas Típicas.”

Nightlife activities in Valparaíso are claimed to be among the best in the country. Sailors and students alike favour the harbour sector due to the various traditional bars and nightclubs. A vivid guide to Valparaíso can be found in the novels of Cayetano Brule, the private detective who lives in a Victorian house, in the picturesque Paseo Gervasoni in Cerro Concepción.

valpo4Valparaíso is considered the graffiti capital of Chile. Amazing murals created by talented artists can be viewed on the streets, alleyways and stairways all over Valparaíso.

You can find more information about tours and activities here.

(Text taken and adapted from Wikipedia)


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Facultad de Matremáticas, PUC- Chile

Anillo ACT172001, “New trends in Ergodic Theory”




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