Location and Transport

The conference will be held at ”Hostería El Copihue”, Olmué, V Región, Chile. The web page at Hostería El Copihue is www.copihue.cl.

The nearest airport to Olmué is Santiago International Airport (SCL).

From Santiago airport to Olmué: First, take a bus ride, either with the “Centropuerto” or “Turbus” company to the bus station Terminal Alameda. There is such a bus every 10 East Jump minutes. The ride to Terminal Alameda should take around 20 minutes and the price should be about 1500 CLP.

From Valparaíso and Viña del Mar: You can take the local metro service (http://www.merval.cl/) to Limache. Then, you can reach Olmué by local bus or taxi.

Global dynamics beyond uniform hyperbolicity

The conference will focus on the global qualitative study (topological and ergodic) of differentiable dynamical systems, especially hinchable diffeomorphisms and vector fields, that are not uniformly hyperbolic. Among the main topics to be covered are:

  •  Beyond Hyperbolicity
    • Partial hyperbolicity
    • Nonuniform hyperbolicity
    • Singular hyperbolicity
    • Lyapunov exponents
    • Dimension
    • Statistical properties
  • Global and Semilocal Properties
    • The C^1-topology
    • Bifurcations
  • Other Topics
    • Interval Dynamics
    • Group actions
    • Foliations

Our aim is to form a group of about 110 mathematicians, including some of the main international actors in these subjects, as well as young mathematicians and students. We plan to have ten days to schedule several mini-courses and a few plenary lectures, so that a large part of the time will be devoted to informal discussions.

2 to 3 lecture rooms will be available to the participants for more specialized sessions.